World statistics

Firefox 3.5 is the most used

Firefox 3.5 is the browser most used by internet users worldwide, according to the StatCounter. The version of the Mozilla browser reached the top of the ranking of hits earlier this month.

The graphics of the online tool show that the popularity of the rival Internet Explorer 7, which led the market, has fallen sharply, leaving the first place on the list for Firefox 3.5.

THE browser from Mozilla, which had already surpassed IE8 at the beginning of November, appears for the first time at the top of the world ranking and the trend curve indicates that it will not be something momentary.

Although left behind, Internet Explorer versions when added together continue to show greater usage: 55.63 percent, compared with 32.92 percent resulting from all editions of Firefox in use.

World statistics

In Portugal, the browser Microsoft remains an undisputed leader, at least for now. The popularity of IE8 – the most widely used version – has been growing, while compared to IE7 the StatCount graphics show a drop.

Also rising, Firefox 3.5 is in third place in the ranking, when on December 9, Firefox was used in 20.74 percent of Portuguese accesses to the analyzed sites.

It should be noted that, for its statistical report, StatCounter takes into account the daily accesses to three million sites – five billion clicks per month.

Editorial Note: The news was updated with information related to Portugal.