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Firefox 22 Released with Native WebRTC Support

New Firefox Version Available for Download

New version of the fox browser just came out of the oven!

Popular Firefox browser has just gained a new version, according to Mozilla's release the new browser, in version 22, now supports new WebRTC technology and a considerable improvement in online games that make use of 3D graphics for games.


But what WebRTC?

The project known as WebRTC, based on real-time communication, was open source by Google. Basically, for mortals, a way to make audio and video calls through the browser without using plugins, there are already some sites where you can do this like codassium and apprtc.appspot that allow the user to make Video calls without spending a seat, services like this promise to retire Skype do not think? BananaBread is a Quake-like game that runs straight from the browser without any plugins. In addition to WebRTC the new Firefox works better with Unreal Engine 3 for better support for web-based 3D twins like BananaBread.

Firefox 22 Download

The new Mozilla Firefox is available directly from the Mozilla website, you just have to access this link. If you use Ubuntu or another distro based within a few hours it should already be available in your system updates, no worries. =] Another long awaited novelty is the new Australis interface, but this one Mozilla has already announced that it will only exit version 25 of the browser.

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