Firefly surpreende com apresentação de dezenas de drones iluminados

Firefly surprises with presentation of dozens of illuminated drones

Not the first time we have seen a company using drones to illuminate the sky at night in unusual ways, eHang, Verity Studios, and Intel are some of the companies known for making drone art and creating impressive drone presentations. Now another company surprises and gives a show using these small aircraft, Firefly, creates highly synchronized and choreographed images through their drones. Watch below a demo video of the company.

Flying along a busy road, Firefly must have been astonishing to many motorists passing by, after all, every day you see something like that in the sky of your city. In addition, some of the formats resemble the classic flying saucers of wide representation in our culture.

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The company has been organizing this kind of show for a long time, because it is not possible to come up with a surprising result like this at first, but only now it has managed to draw a lot of attention. It is noteworthy, besides the precision in the creation of the shapes, the movement executed smoothly by these dozens of illuminated drones. The shapes drawn on the sky include letters, symbols and even the company name.

Intel often makes this kind of presentation, she was one of the pioneers and has made several presentations around the world with a high number of drones in sync, including a 500-drone display. Watch the video below:

The ability to program drones draws attention and gives great possibilities even to individual pilots. Recently, Skydeio 2 has been surprising for its ability to follow objects, people and even cleverly dodge barriers at high speeds.

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