fingerprint reader gets hacked with simple trick

Galaxy S5: fingerprint reader gets hacked with simple trick

After Apple launched the first fingerprint reader embedded in its iPhone 5S, much was discussed about the real usefulness of the feature and whether it would represent an increase in security. The main problem with biometric sensors, such as fingerprint, is that while they can in theory add an extra layer of protection, they are not mature enough and often fail serious of security.

galaxy s5 fingerprint

Galaxy S5: fingerprint reader can be bypassed / © AndroidPIT

Following the example of the iPhone, first it was the HTC One Max that decided to implement the feature, followed by Galaxy S5. It uses a fingerprint reader embedded in the home button and, apparently, it is simple to «hack» using a captured fingerprint.

The video below by SRLabs shows how a fake fingerprint can be used to gain unauthorized access to the Galaxy S5 using a fingerprint mark registered on the device. Once the attacker gains access, in addition to accessing the device’s data, he can also use the fake fingerprint to initiate operations with Paypal, which uses the device’s reader in its application. In a hypothetical situation, if the device is stolen by someone with knowledge of the failure, they will have free access to the device’s data if the fingerprint method is the only configured security barrier.

Despite being a relatively low risk, do you still feel safe using the Galaxy S5’s fingerprint reader (or other devices with the feature)? Leave your comments below!