Finely Tuned, SoundCatcher, Marvel Pinball and more!

App Store - Sale!

For this Wednesday, an offer on Mac App Store and a few in the App Store

Let’s go:

Highlight of the day

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Note on the App Store: N / D

O Finely Tuned proposes to let you enjoy the music even more, removing some of the «frustrations» that may come with them while you listen to them on your Mac.

Whatever the app (iTunes, Spotify or Rdio); Finely Tuned works with all of them. The music information is shown in the menu bar, as well as the controls; the disc covers are in the Dock. ITunes sound can be synchronized to the computer’s main volume.

I know! Your problem with the letter! Finely Tuned brings the solution. At the click of a button, the letters are displayed on the screen, as long as they are already present in your music on iTunes. Okay, you don’t like singing and stuff, but you have a fixation for giving notes to your music. Am I right? Don’t worry, in the menu bar you can also sort the tracks by stars.

What about? Download now!

More offers!

Here more apps which together add up $ 14 off:

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Identify the music that is playing.

Marvel Pinball app icon

Marvel pinball.

Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure app icon

A cosmic adventure.

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A world of mystery to be unveiled.

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Another scanner option.

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Take advantage of the offers and see you tomorrow! Remembering that they are always for a limited time, so it is good to run.