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Findings of the week: 5 selected games and apps you need to know

time for our list of the week's top findings for you. They are applications that we are using and enjoying, not necessarily new options, but things that attract our attention positively. Come and discover these hidden gems in the Google Play Store!

In addition to the list below, also check out our suggestions for free games and tips to solve any problems with apps:

Durango: Wild Lands

This new and intriguing game from Nexon nominated in the "best mobile game" category at the 2019 Game Critics Awards. Dive into a prehistoric universe in which you will encounter the giants of ancient times: the dinosaurs. In this MMO, you can gift them (who never wanted a pet T-Rex?) And develop their civilization by exploring resources. It is an open world in which you can join other players (forming clans).

Download Durango: Wild Lands on the Google Play Store

Notenger – notes and reminders

Notenger is a free note-taking app that aims for simplicity. The fast and intuitive app thanks to its minimalist interface, and you can also use it to make reminders: tap on a note you created and then click on the + symbol to display a calendar (also minimalist). Choose the date and time and you're done. In short, a simple and quick application that will suit those who want to write simple notes.

androidpit notenger
Notenger: a simple and efficient app for notes and reminders / ANDROIDPIT

Download Notenger – notes and reminders from the Google Play Store

Fishing Paradise

It doesn't matter if you deserve it or not, this game will take you to Paradise: a tropical island where you can fish at will, guided by a small bird that teaches you how to do it and how to improve your character's characteristics so that he improves when fishing . This game has an interesting scenario and its graphics remind us of the games of old: pixels and text. In short, a game that will find its fans, but not for everyone.

Download Fishing Paradise on the Google Play Store

Artwalls – Wallpapers

First of all, we must warn you that this application is under development, so it may contain some bugs. That said, exactly what the name says: a large library of free wallpapers. You will find them in several different styles, and you can also choose illustrations adapted to an AMOLED screen (with a lot of black to optimize battery life).

androidpit art.walls
Artwalls: beautiful wallpapers optimized for OLED screens! / ANDROIDPIT

Download Artwalls on the Google Play Store

Cure Hunter

In some decades, the Earth will be the victim of a virus that can destroy humanity and it is up to you to save the world. You can access an entire arsenal of weapons to advance and destroy all infected people and creatures standing in your way (including great bosses). It is a classic platform game, where you can roll, jump, avoid traps and, of course, shoot anything that moves. Pixel art graphics are sure to please old game fans.

Download Cure Hunters on the Google Play Store

Did you discover any interesting applications this week?

Tips and Curiosities

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