Finding the ideal smartphone

Finding the ideal smartphone

The news is almost daily in the smartphone market. Given so many models and manufacturers, do you know which handset to choose? Or rather, which phone is best suited for your profile? Check out some tips below and learn more about finding the right smartphone.

IBM Simon was the first smartphone in history. He debuted a new category by bringing with it functions never before seen on a mobile device. It brought together calculator, calendar, casual games and internet access, even dial-up. This all on one screen touch screen Monochrome. Much has changed from its emergence to c. Today the smartphone market has grown wildly as much as people's consumption of mobile devices. Available today in different smartphone modelsYou should think well and know a few before making your purchase. Check out!

Do I need mobile internet?

To use the internet on your mobile phone you will need to have a plan with your mobile carrier. Unless you only use the free internet in stores and departments that provide this type of service.

But if you already spend many hours connected to the internet because of work, can you imagine repeating the same process in your free time? Ask yourself this question: do I need mobile internet or can I expect to find a computer to connect to? Pay attention to the answer and stick with it.

Screen: with keyboard or touch screen?

touchscreen smartphone For those who like to write text messages, tweets or like to be connected chatting with friends on MSN or GTalk, the best even a Qwerty keyboard device. With it it is possible to obtain agility when writing using both hands. Then, with a good deal of practice, the time spent writing sentences can compare as if you were typing on a regular computer keyboard.

But if you're part of the gamers class and don't miss the app of the week, give preference to a touch screen smartphone. Games are much more dynamic, so they can be more interesting.

Android, iOS or others?

This may be a point you should pay close attention to before purchasing. You need a mobile phone with an operating system with the largest application platform available.

Paid or not, Android Market stores as well as AppStore offer many downloadable apps. Perhaps because it has been in the market for the longest time since 2007 with the first generation of iPhone, some may say that Apple is more advanced at this point. But Goole is investing heavily in its platform and today Android powered devices rely on their version of apps previously available only for iOS.

From 2012, most popular applications are being released to different platforms. Evaluate the options and choose yours.


Choosing a smartphone that meets your profile exactly as a user is not easy. We advise you to try some handsets before you buy in order to assist with the process of buying the phone.

Analyze your weight, size, processing speed, camera quality, GPS, and other simple attributes that help you choose your smartphone. If you are behind yours you will find cell phones for all types and classes. From the simplest to the most complex. You just need to know how to find yours.

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