Finding dog and cat photos just got easier on Google Photos

It’s easier to find your pet’s photos inside Google Photos: Google’s photo storage service now automatically groups dog or cat photos.

“The pictures of the animals will be grouped next to the people and it will be possible to create tags by name to quickly find pictures of them, just as already done with friends and family. This makes it even easier to create albums, pet movies, ”published Google.

Google also recalled that locating your pet’s photos on Google Photos is very simple and intuitive: in addition to the terms ‘dog’ or ‘cat’, just enter the dog or cat emoji to view your best friend’s photos.

Pet Movie

In addition, Google is allowing users to finally be able to create videos of their pets and, of course, include personalized music to share with friends and relatives.

“To create a video on your own, just select to select the photos of the dog or cat, touch“ + ”and create a movie (this also works to create a photo album). It is possible to change the soundtrack with six songs inspired by the pet, within the movie editor of the app ”, says the company.

See a demo below: