Find your ideal pair… of clothes with the Free Clothing app for iOS

In the land of Marie Kondo and “The magic of arrangement”, who can get rid of their clothes and shoes in peace, king.

And if, instead of throwing away that piece that you are so fond of but no longer use, you change it by another, from someone else? This can be easily done by the application Free Clothing.

Free Clothing app icon

Imagine a “Tinder of clothes” is the idea behind this app, created by Brazilians Mariana Pellicciari, Larusso and Henrique Rangel.

Basically, you throw in the application a photo of the clothes or shoes you want to change, along with the description with the important details.

Then, other people's items appear in the app and, if you like it, just touch the little heart; if you don't like it, touch the “X” icon.

You can still apply size filters or search only male, female or children's pieces.

As with the relationships app, the Match it happens when you like someone's part so much and that same person likes your part.

Then, a chat soon appears for you to get in touch and can combine the details of the exchange.

Free Clothing App

As a negative point, I need to note that it is only possible to login to the app through Facebook, not even through Gmail or another email service, that we can enter the app.

Even so, the idea is very good: a way to give a “new life” to parts.

Available for free through both the App Store and Google Play, the idea for the app came from the “Free Clothing” movement, which aims to “transform our relationship with what we wear, offering courses and events like workshops and exchange fairs, in addition to providing free content on the blog on conscious consumption and on the fashion industry for professionals and consumers in general ”.

(via UOL)