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Find out which song is playing using Android

Discover the music that is playing with Shazan

If you are one of those who loves music and sometimes hear some cool song on the radio but do not know the name to download buy the CD. This Android app is very interesting and useful.It's called Shazan, just like in a magic pass he discovers the music he's playing based on sound frequencies, music tags and a few others for smaller ones.To be able to use it simple, first download here the app directly from the Google Play Store, there is a paid version (with more features obviously) and the free we are going to test.

Once you have installed it the simple operation, turn on your internet signal, Wifi or 3G, Shazan's first home screen shown above, it contains a single center button, points the Smart Phone microphone to the music or radio speakers that are playing, after that just tap the Shazan button in the middle of the screen and wait for it to find the song, it will bring you the name of the song and the artist and even the youtube video on it. Paid version of the app you can share the music on social networks as well.

So, did you like it? Never again do you ever wonder what the name of that amazing song is playing.

Following is a working video of Shazan in action:

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