Find out which components can be exchanged between iPhone SE and the “old” iPhone 8

Find out which components can be exchanged between iPhone SE and the “old” iPhone 8

A video was shared last week showing how much the new iPhone SE model looked like the original iPhone 8. Even though it has been updated with the latest A13 Bionic processor and other technologies to make the device relevant to the needs of the market. It was shown how some replaced components worked, others limited their functionality. This starting point inspired experts at iFixit, the company specializing in equipment repair, to list which components can actually be exchanged between models.

According to the company, there are different components compatible between the two models. The cameras of the iPhone SE, as well as the SIM card tray, the haptics engine and the screen structure, which includes the microphone and the proximity sensor, can be exchanged for the iPhone 8 components.

According to the expert, the replacement of the screen will be cheaper than the latest models of the brand of the apple. However, if this component is replaced, it will be necessary to program the equipment, but the True Tone technology, which allows the screen lighting to adapt to the environment, stops working. It also stresses that the Home button is not compatible between models, so it should be saved. Otherwise, the solution is buttons on the parallel market, without the biometric fingerprint sensor, the Touch ID, unless you repair Apple official agents.

Although very similar, the batteries of the two models cannot be exchanged. This is due to the difference in motherboard connections. Experts even connected a battery from the iPhone 11 to the iPhone SE, because it had the same type of connector, but the equipment did not. And in the case of using a battery in the official Apple, iPhone SE accuses the alert message of the use of the component in the genuna.

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