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Find out how to see the lyrics while listening to music on Spotify

Seeing the lyrics in Spotify is currently not a native function of the streaming. However, you can use the Musixmatch app to keep track of the song as it plays.

Besides making no more mistakes, the program can be useful for those who want to practice languages, thanks to the translation feature. Here's how to see the lyrics of Spotify.

How to see song lyrics on Spotify

To perform the walkthrough below, you need to download the Musixmatch app, available for Android and iOS.

1. Open Musixmatch and choose Continue with Facebook or Continue with Google to perform the registration in the app;

2. Allow Musixmatch access to your login data on the chosen service (Facebook or Google);

3 Since the app needs to override other programs to display the lyrics, it needs to give this permission in the system. So tap the button Allow access;

See lyrics by spotify

4 In system settings, enable the key for Allow overlap with other apps;

5 Now let the program know which songs are listening to playing, once again in Allow access;

6 In the window of Notification access, enable the Musixmatch app key. Confirm the decision on To allow;

7 Back to Musixmatch, go to the option Connect to Spotify;

See lyrics by spotify

8 Then login to Spotify, with the data you normally use in the music streaming service;

9 Logged in to your account, confirm that you agree to the app's terms of use at I accept;

10 Now open Spotify and add the music you want. Then a window with the lyrics will overlay the app, foregrounding. If you no longer want it displayed, tap the icon of a X.

See lyrics by spotify

  • The Musixmatch cone will continue to appear on the side of the screen. Drag down to remove it.

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How to change Musixmatch display mode in Spotify

The user has the option to customize the display mode of the lyrics. To do this, simply touch the icon of a circle divided in half, composed of two different colors.

See lyrics by spotify

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The user can choose the horizontal orientation, also called compact, because it occupies only part of the screen. The so-called expanded vertical. This format, however, can be changed automatically by tapping on the center of the floating window.

Below, you can choose the color tone in which you prefer the letter to be displayed. Finally, the user can also select the display mode of the spellings. In expanded, a larger portion of the pipe appears on the screen and you can see the entire content by scrolling.

Already in compact, only shown the section that is currently being sung, without being able to see the rest of the lyrics.

See lyrics by spotify

How to learn English (and other languages) with Musixmatch

Those who enjoy learning or practicing new languages ​​while listening to music will love the Musixmatch translation function. To use it, just touch the icon of an A with an ideogram in the background in the lower left corner of the floating window.

See lyrics on spotify

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From the menu that opens, choose the language you want to translate into. The letter in the original language will be displayed and, below, its translation. You can also view Portuguese songs translated in other languages.

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