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Find out how to buy an American iPhone SE compatible with Brazil's 4G network

When analyzing the technical specifications of the iPhone SE, we say that the American device marketed by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon identified by model A1662 at the compatible with band 7 (2600MHz frequency, used here in Brazil by most operators to offer 4G).

Although these models are linked to operators, just go to the Apple store and purchase one paying the full price (full price) that the device is officially unlocked (unlocked).

In addition to the models linked to operators, Apple also markets a device SIM-free (no SIM card, ie, fully unlocked) l in the United States. This, however, is also the model A1662, which does not solve our problem.

IPhone SE Case

There is, however, the model A1723 that, in the USA, marketed by the operator Sprint. The problem is that, although it is also sold outside at full price, historically the model offered by Sprint has always given users a headache because it is a blocked device. That is precisely why we do not recommend buying it. But it seems that this scenario has changed.

Our reader Fbio Lima, who lives in the USA and accepted the challenge that we launched in our podcast to be the “guinea pig” to see if the model full price from Sprint or not unlocked, called Apple and received the information that the device was, indeed, locked (even when paying the full price). Still, he showed the attendant the information that is on the company's own website (which states that, when paying the full price, the Sprint model would come unlocked). The Apple employee went to check the information and confirmed that the iPhone SE is actually unlocked if the customer pays the full price.

Fbio then decided to buy one 64GB iPhone SE of Sprint by the Apple Online Store. On the internet, however, you can only buy if you have a Sprint operator number or if you want to make a new plan with it. But, if you go to a physical store, the sellers offer the device full price without having to activate. That's what he did. Then he stopped by an AT&T store to buy a new chip and activate it. The device worked normally.

I was the guinea pig, but at least it worked! Haha ha

That is, the Sprint model full price really comes unlocked and can be purchased without problems as long as it is purchased from an Apple physical store.

To those who are asking us, this whole “problem” concerns only the 4G network. For some years now, 3G chips have evolved to the point of becoming totally global, that is, no matter what iPhone model you buy, if it is unlocked it will work normally on Brazilian 3G networks.