Find out all about Cuponeria and its discount coupons

Find out all about Cuponeria and its discount coupons

If before completing a purchase, you do not give up asking for the famous “discount”, you are certainly part of the team of people who also always look for coupons for offers, right? Because if the answer is yes, know that you need to know the Urgent Cuponeria!

But, if the answer is no and you are still not part of the group that does not accept to pay dearly, know that this text is also for you, after all, in face of an economy as uncertain as the Brazilian one, any economy can make a difference in the budget . So pay close attention to the content below:

A common activity of Brazilians when searching for the product they want to buy is to conduct a detailed price search, which takes time, patience and willingness, as the process between researching, writing down and comparing the value of each item, can be slow and time consuming.

Thinking of making life easier for consumers, visionary Nara Iachan created, in 2011, the discount app named Cuponeria and, since its launch, more than 34 million coupons have been issued, which means that yes, millions of people have already spent less on their purchases.

It seems very easy and perfect to access the Cuponeria and enjoy its indications? Well know that it doesn’t just look. Check out the pros and cons of this innovative startup:


  • Easy access to discount coupons;
  • Purchases made in the comfort of your home;
  • Just have a computer or cell phone with internet access to find the desired discount;
  • More than a thousand brands are already part of this program, which offers a high number of companies that accept these coupons;
  • They eliminate that old tactic of asking for discounts from physical store sellers, as the percentages are already displayed and purchases are made online;
  • They are reliable and safe discounts.

Negative points

As you may already imagine, there is no negative point when using a discount coupon to make your purchase. When the Cuponeria system is analyzed, a factor that can be considered negative is the rotation of coupons, that is, as there are many partner brands, if the user does not select the coupon today, he may not find it tomorrow.

The Cuponeria platform has been so successful and has attracted so many consumers since the beginning of its operations that it has conquered very important partnerships, such as the investment of Banco Bradesco and the company Google.

Since then, the generation of discount coupons has gotten even better. Currently, discounts are offered based on the monitoring and analysis of consumer habits, which makes everything even more advantageous. Find out how the Cuponeria system works:

  • The company is already indicated as the largest generator of discounts in Brazil;
  • Discounts can reach up to 60% of the total value of the product of interest;
  • On the home page, all the user must do is indicate the city in which he is and wait to find the valid offers for the location;
  • Discount coupons are structured and offered based on the research and preferences of around 20 million users;
  • Contrary to what many people think, access to discounts and offers is free, that is, there is no need to pay anything to use them;
  • Supermarkets, restaurants, establishments focused on beauty services, online shopping, tickets and travel, fashion and other services are highlighted by discounts;
  • The Cuponeria platform system has two types of coupons, one for physical stores and one for virtual stores, the indication for both is that the consumer carefully read the rules displayed before closing the purchase;
  • It is very easy to pay less for a product through the coupon discount coupon, just register correctly, click on “get a coupon” and you’re done “In a few minutes, the offer percentage will be sent to your email or cell phone informed and you can use it.

Download the Cuponeria App here, just click on the Play Store icon: