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Find my Android: Google's service to find your lost Smartphone

Google creates App to find lost or stolen devices

Google Lana app to find lost or stolen handsets

Google has announced that this month will release to the handsets Android A new application developed by the company itself to find lost or stolen handsets.

Android radar This was a service much requested by system users. Android who had to resort to third party applications for this service, among them the Prey that I consider one of the best, but it will now be available as an official product, so the App should be available on Google Play and included by default in future versions of Android, such as Lime pie.

This feature is common in other mobile systems like iOS and Windows Phone and finally Google provides a service that lets you lock the device, make it alert and locate the device remotely, according to sources Google will develop a specific page to handle the device. "Find my Android", similar to what happens to the iPhone.

Better late than never n?


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