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At school, at a very young age, we learned that calculating using fingers was not the best method. We should train our mind and thus avoid the fingers. When we grew a little, we started to play with simple calculators and at the time of the entrance exam we had to give up their good services. Once graduated (or in college or even in life), many of us enter the job market and urgently need to make much more complex calculations such as cash flow, interest rates, and so on. Nowadays, it would be kind of "unfashionable" to have so many gadgets in your pocket. Just have a smartphone with a good calculator app and the problem is solved. And today we want to introduce you to the Financial Calculator. Follow our review and see if it can't be useful for your demands.

Functions & Usage

The Financial Calculator comes with all the functions you would expect from a calculator: everything that has to do with basic arithmetic and calculation, as well as other standard functions.

Let's take a closer look at Easy mode The Time Value of Money time value for money) calculated in view of data such as actual (or actual) value, number and duration of periods, interest rates, etc. This calculation can be used for any parameters. The Growing Annuity function informs you about cash flow and, nowadays, the most important. Growth Rate Parameter evaluates payments. Growing Perpetuity can be used already in Easy mode and allows you to include a growth parameter in the equation, which reflects the regular growth in payments (10%: first year RS $ 100; second year R $ 110; third year R $ 121 ; etc.). Other values ​​that can still be calculated are the Net Present Value and the Internal Rate Return.

Borrowers and homeowners with mortgages will be delighted to hear that there is a function called Loan Amortization, which is really a very useful tool. Simply enter the amount of credit, interest rate, amount of payments due, time and type of interest calculation that a table appears containing information relevant to amortization, final amount and interest payment. The generated table can be sent by email if the user is interested in analyzing it more carefully.

Some important settingsI need the right word for the world of finance, and the Financial Calculator does not disappoint in that regard. After the decimal point, you can enter up to seven digits. You can display the amount of payments due and also the amount of annual interest.


The Financial Calculator is a fully functional calculator that helps your user save time. Calculating a credit repayment with it is easier than with Excel, for example. Our criticism goes to the fact that it is not possible to export .CSV files, which would be quite interesting for those who want to import information into programs like Excel.

Screen & Controls

Financial Calculator is a replica of the calculator that exists for devices running iOS (Apple's operating system). The problem is that some iPhone apps that are brought to the Android platform always have some flaws. The Financial Calculator controls are not intuitive and border on the confusing. In some cases, going from one menu to another and back to the previous one turned off the application. Despite this flaw, the controls work well and the cluster design is very interesting.

Speed ​​& Stability

The Financial Calculator works very well on the Samsung Galaxy S2 and was fast and stable during our testing period. The problem that the app takes between 3 and 4 seconds to initialize …

Price / Performance Ratio

Downloading the free Financial Calculator, but its use is restricted to 7 days as a trial period. After this, the app must be paid and costs EUR 2.99.

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