Finally Google Tests New UI for YouTube

It seems that the Google is testing a new interface for YouTube's mobile web version. From the screenshots, it can be said that the new UI comes based on Google Now cards. So we will have more cards, a clean video page and a navigation menu. slide out which comes inspired by the Android app.

Youtube mobile UI
Mobile version of YouTube can get the app's closest UI to Android! / AndroidPIT

At first glance, the new web interface for smartphones and tablets can easily be confused with the YouTube Android app. The content is also split more similarly to the app's, with the style navigation button drawerIt is possible to use from any platform page by a left to right pull, the video thumbnails are larger and the comments are arranged the same in general.

So we can say that the mobile version of the YouTube page just got a little better. But when it came to Google, I was waiting for a bigger change. Well, at least the mobile version of the service is already less old-fashioned:

Youtube mobile web version
Current video page (left); new (right)! / YouTube; Petravicius Nedas
Youtube web mobile version
Current Settings Page (left); new (right)! / YouTube; Petravicius Nedas
youtube mobile
Current navigation menu (left); new (right)! / YouTube; Petravicius Nedas

The navigation drawer can contribute more to the Android look of the new mobile version site. However, the content he lists is not much different from what is already there.

Honestly, I would like to see Google bringing a whole new experience to the service, enabling more interaction between users, channels and video editing. We have long used the app or even the mobile version of the site passively, I believe we should have news in this regard. In addition, the fact that a video uploads stop when the device enters the lock screen or even when the app is being used in the background is extremely annoying and therefore deserves attention from Devs from Google.

And, did you like the new UI of YouTube's mobile version or do you think there is a lot that needs to be improved on the streaming of videos?

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