Finally: Apple releases final version of iOS 10.3 to the general public! [atualizado 2x: Sala de Aula 2.0]

After seven versions of tests, the iOS 10.3 It is now finally available to all users of iPads, iPhones and iPods touch that are compatible with the tenth version of Apple's mobile operating system.

The final build is 14E277.

Check the details below.


Find My AirPods

What's new in iOS 10.3 includes a simple and easy way to find AirPods if they are lost and still connected to the iPhone (via Find My AirPods, within the Find My iPhone app), the adoption of the Apple File System (APFS) file system , a widget for the Podcasts app, a renewed section dedicated to Apple ID (including iCloud, iTunes / App Stores, Family Sharing and more) in the Settings app, and the possibility to rent a movie from the iTunes Store and watch from any device.

There is also the arrival of payment support in the framework SiriKit, scheduling rides for apps like Uber, 3D Touch information on the weather icon within the Maps app (with horrible forecasts), shortcut to apps commonly used in CarPlay, expanded support for light switches in HomeKit, enhancements to Asian languages and the system also comes with Safari 10.1, bringing good news under the cap.

The App Store on iOS 10.3 has a new API so that apps can be classified / evaluated without the user having to go to the store; for the first time, Apple allows developers to respond to reviews posted on the store; Another novelty is that, when pressing more strongly (3D Touch) a review, the user can mark it as useful.

Developers can now exchange their app cones dynamically, obviously, the purposes for which should be of the most varied.

In Settings, users will also be able to easily identify apps that have been out of date for a long time and that may stop working in the future.

Finally, from now on users will be able to assign data from iCloud Apple to enhance artificial ecosystem intelligence.

Here's the changelog official, complete:

IOS 10.3 introduces new features, including the ability to locate AirPods using the Search iPhone app and more ways to use Siri with payment, transportation and auto maker apps.

Search iPhone

  • See the current location or the last known location of your AirPods;
  • Play sound on one or both AirPods to help find them.


  • Now allows you to pay and check the status of invoices in payment applications;
  • Now it allows placing orders in transport applications;
  • Now it allows you to check the vehicle's fuel level, turn on the headlights and activate the horn with auto maker applications;
  • Cricket results and statistics for the Indian Premier League and the International Cricket Council.


  • Shortcuts in the status bar to facilitate access to the applications used last;
  • The Apple Music Now Playing screen now offers access to the Following songs and the album of the song being played;
  • Playlists daily selected and new music categories on AppleMusic.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Rent once and watch your iTunes movies on all your devices;
  • New unified view for your IDApple in Settings, with information about your account, settings and devices;
  • Hourly weather conditions in Maps, using 3DTouch at the currently displayed temperature;
  • It is now possible to search for a car parked in Maps;
  • The Calendar adds the possibility to delete an unwanted invitation and report it as such;
  • The Casa app now allows you to activate scenes using accessories with switches and buttons;
  • The Casa app now allows you to check the battery level of accessories;
  • Compatibility with 3DTouch and widget Today in the Podcasts app, to access recently updated podcasts;
  • Podcast programs or episodes can be shared and played in Messages;
  • Corrects an issue that could prevent your current location from being shown on Maps after resetting Location and Privacy;
  • Stability improvements for VoiceOver on Phone, Safari and Mail.

Precautions before installation

As always, make a full backup of your device before the update to ensure that, in the minimum chance of something going wrong, all your information is secure and saved.

To back up via iCloud from the device itself, go to ICloud Backup settings, activate the iCloud Backup option and tap the Backup Now button.

If you prefer to backup to your own computer instead of saving everything to the cloud, connect your gadget to your Mac / PC via the device's USB cable and open iTunes.

In it, click on the device icon, choose the Summary option and click Backup Now.

The most practical / modern iCloud, however, an eventual restoration via iTunes (by computer) is much faster even if you have a fast broadband connection.

Installing iOS 10.3

You can update your devices in three different ways: on the device itself (OTA; over-the-air), iTunes or manually.

It's normal for Apple's servers to be overloaded at first, so if you can wait a few hours or even a day, the better.


The simplest way to update your iDevice by the device itself.

To do this, go to General Software Update Settings; the update for iOS 10.3 should be listed l.

Just follow the instructions and in a few minutes the entire process will be completed.

If you do not have enough space available on the device, the system itself will be in charge of deleting some applications so that you can download the files related to the update after the end of the process, these apps will be properly reinstalled with all your information.


If you like and use iTunes on your Mac / PC, you can update your device by using it too.

Just connect your device to your computer and open the software that, most likely, the iOS 10.3 availability notice appears immediately.

If this does not happen, you must go to “Summary”, inside the device's page, and click on the “Search for Updates” button.

Then, just follow the instructions on the computer screen and wait for the process to be completed.


The third method, the least used, involves downloading the system update "off" to your device and applying the update via iTunes.

It can be a good option if you have several of the same devices at home.

In this case, the download of just one file will serve to update all, which is great in the first days of possible crowded and slow servers even though the file download made by iTunes, as described above, can also be used for similar devices.

To complete the process, simply download the update package for your device from the links below:

Then, connect the device to the Mac / PC, open iTunes, go to “Summary” and click the “Search for Update” button while holding the key (Option).

In the window that opens, navigate to the downloaded file and select it.

Then, follow the instructions on the screen, wait a few minutes and enjoy the news.

· · ·

Good installation for everyone! 😉 And, if you can contain the anxiety, it's not a bad idea to wait a few hours to do this, until Apple's servers are less congested and you can be sure that there are no major problems with the system.

To those who have already updated, comment below on how your experiences are.

Update by Rafael Fischmann · 03/27/2017 s 17:56

After many beta versions, version 2.0 of the app came out today Classroom (Classroom) for iPad originally released a year ago.

Classroom app icon

What's new in version 2.0

  • Create classes within the Classroom and invite nearby students to participate;
  • Share documents and links with student devices via AirDrop (replaces the Classroom Sharing Extension);
  • Students can share documents and links with teachers via AirDrop;
  • Mute the audio from student devices.

Apple has also published a PDF guide (in English) for teachers who want to start using the application.

Update II, by Rafael Fischmann · 03/27/2017 s 22:01

All iOS 10.3 security fixes are in this Apple support article.