Final version of Google Chrome 3.0 is released for download


After a year of launching Chrome, Google today released the download of version 3.0 of its browser, which comes more stable and faster than the previous one.

The browser brings news that before were restricted only to developers.

According to Google, the new version is 25% faster to run HTML than in Chrome 2.0. The new update, version, was released after 21 beta versions and 3.505 bug fixes.

The internet giant is looking to increase its share of the browser market and said that a final version of the browser for the Mac will be available within a few months, possibly by the end of the year. Currently, Google is in fourth place in the browser race, with a 2.8% share in the sector.

Linus Upson, Chrome’s development director, says he will be “extremely disappointed” if the browser does not double its market share by 2010 and still reach 10% in 2011.

Chrome is part of a strategy by Google to develop systems that run “in the cloud”, a trend adopted on the web.