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Final Cut Pro Gains Extended eGPU Support on macOS Mojave

If you work with video editing and have a eGPU connected to your Mac, know that the newly launched macOS Mojave brought a very cool novelty to the Final cut pro.

As Apple explains in this support article, Mojave users of Apple's professional video editing software can enable a new “Prefer External GPU” option (“Prefer External GPU”) by getting app information. To do this, find it from the Finder in the / Applications / folder, and then press I.

With this enabled, FCP will transfer some graphic processing to eGPU, enhancing project playback performance and 3D title work, as well as speeding up effect analysis, rendering, and rendering. timelines and exporting complex projects. Users only have to win.

In mid-July, Apple launched a new eGPU in partnership with Blackmagic, but obviously there are other options in the market.

Final Cut Pro app icon

via 9to5Mac