Films distributed exclusively by streaming can be nominated for Oscars in 2021

Films distributed exclusively by streaming can be nominated for Oscars in 2021

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will lighten its opposition to films that are exclusively distributed via streaming. The board of directors approved a new rule that, for the first time, makes it possible to apply exclusively digital films to scares. The authorization will be temporary and will only be valid during the next edition of the awards.

The decision justified by the pandemic of COVID-19, which led to the closing of cinemas around the world and, consequently, to the postponement of premieres and suspension of several cinematographic productions. With this condition, the Academy cannot oblige the distributors to show the films in the theater for at least a week, a criterion that was mandatory for a production to qualify for an appointment.

Despite the decision, Dawn Hudson and David Rubin reiterated that "there is no better way" to enjoy a cinematic experience than cinema and underlined that this is a way to support members and colleagues of the industry during these times of uncertainty.

In previous editions, for the purposes of nomination, the Academy only had works shown in Los Angeles theaters, but in addition to this inclusion of exclusively digital films, films that will be shown in Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, New York will now be included. and So Francisco.

If the Academy had decided to maintain the usual criteria, several films that had premieres planned for cinema, but that ended up reaching viewers via streaming would be excluded. Until the end of the year, given the scenario of uncertainty, it is possible that the same will happen with works that are scheduled for the remaining months of 2020.

It is difficult to argue that films will have less streaming audience. It is recalled that, according to the most recent activity report from Netflix, the platform grew exponentially with 16 million new subscribers, only in the first three months of the year.