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Filmed with iPhone: short enters the world of Japanese decorated trucks

Apple is really committed to showing how iPhones are increasingly capable photo / video instruments and the campaign “Clicked / Filmed with iPhone” the ultimate proof of that.

Always bringing incredible visuals in different parts of the world, the series of photographs and videos shows that, today more than ever, doing professional content depends much more of those behind the equipment than the equipment itself. This new video proves it.

Published today by Ma on her YouTube channel, the short "Lady Misaki" it lands in Japan to briefly show, in just over two minutes, the Japanese tradition of the Dekotora (trucks heavily decorated with neon / ultraviolet lights, chrome or golden parts and other paraphernalia of different natures).

The focus on Kazuya Sekino's path, baptized as “Lady Misaki” in honor of her niece, who died in the third of her mother a week before the expected date of birth. See the result above or here.

Completely filmed with an iPhone XS, the short film really impresses with its visuals: the night shots capture the differences in contrast between dark roads and brightly lit trucks in a very competent way, without causing significant losses in terms of noise or definition. The editing tricks were also very cool although, at this point, it cannot be said that post-production was also performed on an iPhone.

Nice, huh?