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File Transfer on Linux with Teleport

At times, it is necessary to transfer files between computers. There are several ways to do this, however, there are moments that we value for practicality, avoiding configurations. In short: s we want to transfer a file to another computer on the local network ().


Teleport is a specific application for this situation, it does not have many user or privacy settings or settings. The idea behind the software has a single premise, to transfer files without further complications (by teleporting literally).

Understanding how the program works

As discussed earlier, Teleport aims to be simple and straightforward. When you start the program, a screen indicating the name of your computer and just below the possibility to choose between machines connected on your local network (which are also running Teleport).


Few things can be configured in Teleport, such as the name of your device.


In the hamburger menu you can choose where the files sent by other computers will be stored. By default the directory DownloadsI ended up switching to another.


To send a file is very easy. Choose a machine on your local network, also running the app Teleport click in Send File, select the file and wait for the transfer. At least when I tested no progress message was presented, this detail is very important and does not exist.


To transfer to another machine you must accept the shipment by clicking Save or refusing in Decline.


Installing Teleport on Your Linux Distro

You can check if the application exists in the repositories of your distribution, in case of Linux Mint Teleport can be installed by your application store. The program distributed via Flatpak, if you have not configured it access this post. The Ubuntu store has the ability to integrate with Flatpaks, enable this feature and install Teleport graphically (just like Linux Mint). teleport-upload-transfer-wifi-file-local-network-linux-flarpak-flathub-snap-snapcraft-ubuntu-mint-store-gnome-software Another way to buy Teleport via Snap, in the case of Ubuntu just search the store normally. Linux Mint and other distributions need to have Snap configured. Follow the post link with step by step.

For terminal lovers, I will demonstrate via Flatpak and then via Snap.

Installing Teleport Flatpak via Terminal

Add the Flathub repository:

Install Teleport:

flatpak install flathub com.frac_tion.teleport

This command allows you to run Teleport via terminal, I do not see much need, because it appears next to your applications:

flatpak run com.frac_tion.teleport

Removal by this command:

flatpak uninstall com.frac_tion.teleport / x86_64 / stable

Installing Teleport Snap via Terminal

Add the Snap version to your system with the command:

sudo snap install teleport –edge

Its execution can be with such command:

snap run teleport

To remove:

sudo snap remove teleport

It is clear that the intention of Teleport is simple, however, this simplicity in some cases. For example, you cannot send batch files or directories, being limited to single files only. This feature can be circumvented by compressing the files into one, but it can end the practicality and purpose of being somewhat quick. Another point that puzzled me was the absence of a progress bar showing the end of the file transfer. I noticed that files with spaces in their names receive a simple change in their nomenclature. Teleport open source and if you want to report bugs or request new features, go to Project Gitlab. teleport-upload-transfer-wifi-file-local-network-linux-flarpak-flathub-snap-snapcraft-ubuntu-mint

Do you intend to quickly transfer a small file from one machine to another on the local network? If you answered yes, the app Perfect for your use. Now if you are thinking of sharing bulk lots over the network, Teleport is not for you.

Until the next post, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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