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FidMe – Loyalty Cards

Esselunga, Ikea Family or Carrefour's loyalty card are just a few examples of the numerous such cards that merchants make available to their customers. There are so many advantages to regular use of those that you soon realize you have a lot of cards in your wallet, which can mean some inconvenience. Some developers have touched on this and decided to create FidMe – Loyalty Cards. But what can this app offer you? Read our review today and find out more.

Functions & Usage

Device: LG Optimus BlackAndroid Android: 2.3.4Root: NoMods: NoneFidMe at first glance seems quite simple to use and gives the impression of being practical and useful. This app is 6 MB in size and can be saved to your device's SD card. And there are many permissions to be granted for FidMe – Loyalty Cards to work. And not only that. Before you can start using it, you must register. We tried to do it through the app, which brought us trouble with the email address we provided, which seemed a bit odd to us. Our option was to do everything through the app's webpage and everything worked perfectly and immediately. Registration requires various personal data, such as full name, mobile number, zip code and date of birth. Therefore, this passage demonstrates that the app was made only for those who want to use it for real.

After registration, you will get a brief introduction to the application, which is of great help to first-time sailors. The app is available in different languages, including Portuguese. The app features about 2800 loyalty programs from 30 countries.

Moreover, it is important that it is very easy to insert your own loyalty cards in the application. Simply search for the desired program, specify whether you are the cardholder (if not, enter its name) and scan the card barcode. Automatically your card will be inserted into your card collection. A good example if you are shopping at Carrefour (the app has a geolocation service that finds the nearest hypermarket branches), you just need to select the corresponding loyalty card from your collection and show the cashier barcode. The real card can stay at home, therefore.

In addition to loyalty cards, you can also stamp the purchases. Certainly the number of establishments offering this possibility is still limited to 2,000 (most of them in France, inclusive). However, the idea of ​​the brightest and we imagine to dissipate soon. Inserting the stamps works quite simply and similar to the loyalty card mode. Nevertheless, the gesture of it all a little different. While these work through the barcode, for stamps NFC joins the entire process. Therefore, it will be necessary not only to scan the QR code, but also the NFC and voile: the app registers a new stamp.

Using FidMe, you will be able to collect points and with them, get gifts, discounts and the like. There is also a FidMe News section, where you can find out about the news about the app and its associated merchants.

Be sure to take a look at the app settings. From them you can access your cards through a personal security code. Still in this section, it is possible to activate the screen lock so that the barcode display of a certain loyalty card is horizontal, which facilitates the life of the box. Not to mention that there is a function that enhances the screen brightness of your device when using FidMe.

Conclusion:FidMe confirms what everyone expects of it: It is really a practical, well-designed app that offers many functions and possibilities. Cards can be arranged in order of preference so that you have access to the ones you use most quickly. In all, there are already 1.35 million users and 5.5 million scanned cards. Not to mention that the app developers answer their users' questions quickly. Despite the initial registration issue, the app is brilliant and we hope it goes through improvements to make it even more interesting than ever.

Screen & Controls

FidMe – Very simple and clearly organized loyalty cards. Thanks to the brief introduction at the very beginning, you can immediately start using the app. A great extra feature is the ability to change the look of the app to suit your personal interest. There are a total of nine different skins from which you can select the look of your screen.

Speed ​​& Stability

FidMe – Loyalty Cards works absolutely fluid and stable. It should be noted, however, that right at the first contact with the app, he experienced a break. But during the rest of the test batteries, everything went very well.

Price / Performance Ratio

FidMe – Loyalty Cards is available for free on the Google Play Store. And all without any advertising banner disorder. The app has been very well made and efficiently manages your loyalty cards.

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