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Few smart speaker owners use their appliances for home automation

The market of smart speakers HomePod It is relatively new and, like every segment in its infancy, still has no clear uses or purposes and will certainly undergo many mutations over the coming times. Just look at the example of Apple Watch, which started as a minismartphone on your wrist and over the years has become a health center with some notification functions.

Therefore, especially here, it is important to analyze the research of use of the devices, such as this released by IHS Markit.

Held between March and April this year and comprising 937 owners of smart speakers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany and Brazil, the study revealed some interesting patterns from users who have already adopted this type of product.

IHS Markit Survey on Using Smart Speakers

When asked what uses they make of their smart speakers, almost all users cited two of them: answer basic questions from day to day and check time / news. Another use much mentioned by the research sample was to discover and control music, while the functionality of make calls or send messages came then cited by about 500 users.

About half of the owners of smart speakers responded that they use the devices to discover or control videowhile a much smaller portion cited one of the main uses intended by manufacturers: the control of home automation devices like connected lamps, thermostats, locks, and appliances. Also not very popular was the option of shopping with the braces.

Despite this, the firm believes that the use of speakers to control your home will rise in the near future. what the analyst Blake Kozak said:

Despite the low use of smart speakers with other connected devices, it is only a matter of time before other such devices enter homes and voice assistants become their primary means of interaction. Additional penetration of connected devices will be driven by streaminglike the new Fire TV Cube and other agnostic speakers like the Sonos Beam.

It is good to note that the survey also divided the answers by platform, separating Siri from Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana and limited company; Still, the ratios were basically similar across all scenarios raised by the researchers.

via MacRumors