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Festo Bionic introduces Bat-shaped Flying Fox drone

The german company Festo Bionic Learning Network introduced the drone Flying fox, which was designed with an unusual bat-based design. The gadget has a wingspan of 2 meters and is almost 1 meter long.

Its wings have an elastic membrane that extends from the toes of their small hands to their feet, a feature that was directly inspired by the actual bats of the Pteropus species.

According to Festo Bionic, these features allow both animal and drone to perform maneuvers quickly while flying.

The device weighs 580 grams and uses infrared and machine learning cameras to make decisions and fly semi-autonomously in a defined air space.

Flying Fox s needs a human to take off and land. While in flight, the autopilot takes over.

"The Pteropus as an inspiration: Thanks to its clever kinematics, BionicFlyFox can master the flying maneuvers of its natural inspiration. To move in a semi-autonomously defined space system, it constantly communicates with a motion detection system. movement".– Festo Bionic Learning Network Official Announcement

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