Fender Mustang GT amplifier

Fender’s new Mustang GT amplifier brings Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can make your adjustments directly from your smartphone

If you are a purist musician – and I say this because I know that the music field is particularly prone to having a high incidence of purists – I recommend that you skip this post and wait for the next one. On the other hand, if you are interested (or at least don’t mind) merging the notes of your instruments with electronic devices and contemporary technologies, this novelty from Fender it will certainly fill your eyes – as it filled mine, even though I understand both guitars and quantum physics.

Fender Mustang GT amplifier

The legendary manufacturer of guitars and other sound instruments has launched a new family of amplifiers, dubbed Mustang GT, and it brings some new features never seen before in this type of product. To start, the new creation from Fender brings Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections so you can connect your smartphone – whether iOS or Android – and make adjustments to the presets and pre- and post-amplification effects.

Through the Tone app, available for free on the App Store and Google Play, you can create tones digital and transfer everything to the Mustang GT, creating effects virtually identical to the analog ones of old guard amplifiers. The boxes also have small LCD screens for viewing levels and the traditional rotary buttons for quick adjustments directly on the device. Finally, amplifiers still sometimes make a wireless speaker – yes, you can do streaming audio from your smartphone directly to the Mustang GT via Bluetooth.

The new Fender line comes in three sizes, two stereo models and one mono. The Mustang GT 40 is priced at $ 250, while the Mustang GT 200 is priced at $ 600; the Mustang GT 100, the only mono model in the family, is positioned between the other two and costs $ 400. The biggest music retailers in the northern hemisphere will begin selling the new beauties this week.

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