Fedora Snap plugin support may not end, understand

After the resumption of the possible end of Snap plugin support at Gnome Software in Fedora, Canonical developer Robert Ancell makes some revelations on the subject.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article citing that Richard Hughes, one of Red Hat's top software engineers, had announced on the Fedora developers mailing list that the Snap plugin on Gnome software would be disabled on Fedora 31. The subject yielded, various views and technical issues were addressed on the list. and everything indicates that the result will be different.

plugin-snap-canonical-gnome-software-fedora Before everything, read the post about the topic to better understand this situation. One of Hughes's claims to disable the plugin that integrates Gnome Software with Snaps, was that the Fedora project could not have the plugin's responsibility on it, nor maintain it. In addition to other technical issues such as Gnome Software really does not manage this kind of package. However, it seems that Canonical, the company responsible for the format, is interested in maintaining and supporting this plugin on other systems. At least that's what the statements of one of its developers implied, Robert Ancell.

Canonical software engineer and member of the Ubuntu desktop development team, Robert Ancell also participated in the discussion list on the topic and stated that Canonical cares about the possibility of integrating its plugin with Gnome Software on other systems: Let me make sure we're committed to keeping the add-on (). We want to make sure it is available to any GNOME Software user who wants to use Snaps, regardless of the distro you are using..

My understanding of the situation was that Canonical is working on a separate experiment tailored for Ubuntu, because they have extra needs, but it was all built on GNOME Software in the first place..

We know that Canonical has been developing a new store for Ubuntu, designed for Snaps. It also makes sense for the company not to abandon the Snap plugin maintenance for other systems that use Gnome Software. After all, this would limit the reach of its packaging format, making it even more difficult for other distributions to accept it. Ancell reports that he was unaware of this situation within the Fedora project and would like to have engaged in these conversations (with Snap maintainers in the district) earlier and is committed to providing a good experience for Snapora users in Fedora.

Ancell makes it clear that Canonical has asked him for more details not to be provided: I was asked not to distribute details about the conversations until they made a public statement, which has not yet been made. I'm not comfortable with the situation, but we also have to do something.

Will Canonical commit to maintaining its Snap plugin for Gnome Software, even with a new store under development? As I mentioned earlier, it makes sense for them to invest in that, as Snap would be easily accessible to other Gnome users and let's face it, it seems the other distributions are focusing on Flatpak.

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