Fedora 31 released, download now!

THE Fedora 31 has arrived and you can now download the latest version. Incidentally, this release has been considered one of the best by the Fedora community.

fedora-workstation-download-red-hat-gnome-linux-rpm-flatpak Fedora is not known for being a distribution for newcomers to Linux (but it doesn't mean it isn't), and I'm not the one who claims this, the Fedora project leader himself, Matthew Miller, said in a recent interview with the site TechRepublic: "Particularly (Fedora) targets software developers and advanced users, but with the idea that developers are also human".

Focused on developers and maintained by a community partnership with giant Red Hat, Fedora in every verse has been offering features and amenities. I venture to say that an inexperienced but curious and determined user can easily use Fedora 31. In fact I do not think it is difficult to use the system, after all, there are content and good internet documentation out there. But I will not delve into this question, whether Fedora or not recommended for beginners. I will let my companion Jedi Fonseca unravel and give higher points corroborating or not about this question. I am looking forward to your vision on the subject, who knows if you ask in the comments, now with the release of version 31, he posts this issue (it is worth trying).

fedora-workstation-download-red-hat-gnome-linux-rpm-flatpak Many news are present in this new release of Fedora, previously we have covered some topics here on the blog Diolinux. Like, best driver support from NVIDIA, PipeWire, Wayland, Xorg and many more. You can check out the details in this post.. However, the news didn't stop there. Fedora 31 has now enhanced Qt application elements in GNOME, firmware implementations, improved Open Source version of H.264 video compression format, polishing in GNOME Classic Mode, and the latest optimization efforts in GNOME Shell. All this can be ascertained with more details through this post. Watch a channel video Tux Workshop, of Renato (FastOS), detailing the news and its experiences with the Fedora 31 Workstation version. I highly recommend the channel, for Fedora lovers or anyone looking to learn and venture into the system.

Fedora has a close relationship with the Flatpak project, but we know that it is not the only software packaging solution on the market. AppImage and Snap make up the current software distribution scenario on Linux. Obviously, I am referring to the new formats. In early July the possible decision to disable Snapora plugin in Fedora 31, took some by surprise. We soon learned that perhaps the support would be maintained, as I indicate accessing the following link. Unfortunately the plugin seems to have been disabled, so to use Snaps packages would be via terminal or with the help of Snap store (snaps store in same format). Fedora is a very interesting system, especially for those who want to use or get a real sense of how pure GNOME really works. The distraction hardly modifies the shell, either extension added by default, but nothing that alters GNOME's logic of operation. It is noteworthy that the default applications are also from the GNOME ecosystem, however you can use alternatives with KDE, XFCE and other desktop environments in your network install mode installation. Download Fedora 31 Workstation Direct From Its Official Website. Other system issues can be found accessing this link.

Do you use Fedora, or didn't know the system? Leave your comments, alias, have you tested Fedora 31?

Until the next post, I wait for you here on the blog Diolinux, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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