Fedora 21 Download

Fedora 21 Released, Download!

Download the new Fedora 21 with Gnome right now.

After much waiting, crying and tears Fedora 21 is ready for you to download and use all the beauty of the new Gnome, check out more details.

Fedora 21 Download

Fedora 21 with Gnome 3.14 ready for your enjoyment

Look at the news first hand guys, as I am more connected than this cat of the image below …

I'm on

… keep an eye on the site fedoramagazine.org and by then they have already released the download links for new versions of Fedora 21 before you say #partiudownloadfedora How about check out our review of the new version showing the main news, so you will already have a basis of what to expect, check out:

You can read the release notes in this link and you can download it too, enjoy!

Obs: If you have questions when downloading, Fedora is intended for WorkStation home PCs and Notebooks. See you!

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