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Fed up with background noise in videoconferences and important calls? Krisp can help

The transition to remote work is not always easy, especially when there are many noisy distractions at home: from restless children to noisy neighbors, and even pets asking for attention. In addition to having a negative impact on the level of concentration, the noise ends up hampering situations such as videoconferences or important calls.

Krisp is a noise reduction application that promises to help you bring a little more peace to virtual meetings. If you are working in a particularly noisy environment, you only need to press a button to focus attention on your voice or that of the participants.

The secret behind Krisp is in artificial intelligence. The company that created the application trained a machine learning model, the krispNet DDN, to recognize people's voices through the microphone. The AI ​​is able to detect all disruptive outside noise and eliminate it from the audio being transmitted.

See Krisp in action

The company claims that the application is compatible with any type of microphone, headset and speakers. In addition, Krisp can be used in combination with more than 800 applications, including Skype, Zoom, Discord, Cisco WebEx and Google Hangouts. Thinking about who needs some help connecting Krisp to different platforms, the company's YouTube channel has several simple tutorials.

The application is available for Windows and MacOS, as well as Chrome and iOS. Krisp's mobile application also has a calendar of virtual meetings so you don't lose track of the thread.

In addition to the free mode, with 120 minutes a week of noise cancellation at no additional cost, Krisp offers several paid modalities. Pro mode, for example, has unlimited minutes and supports up to three different devices for 3.33 dollars per month.