FCT reinforces the importance of Zoom updates and the adoption of security measures on the platform

Zoom is the software used by the Colibri platform, as well as by many Portuguese, whether in terms of teaching, teleworking or conviviality. In view of the lack of security cases that have been recorded in Portugal, the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) sent a press note to the newsrooms, guaranteeing that more than 203,000 sessions were held at Colibri since March and, until At the moment, two situations of abusive entry into meetings have been reported.

Used by many Portuguese students, Zoom has been in the news, not only for its popularity, but also for its security flaws, initially through the FBI warning. One of the most recent cases was released last week, with a 20-year-old boy entering unauthorized sessions, "with the sole purpose of disturbing its normal functioning," explained the Judiciary Police at the time. On the same day, Fenprof released a statement asking for more security, stating that it would proceed with a complaint by the Attorney General's Office.

FCT, through its National Scientific Computing Unit, is responsible for ensuring the Colibri platform for use by the academic and scientific community, and clarifies that the FCCN unit has taken several measures to mitigate the reported problems. As for the two abusive entries, Fundao says that "the adoption of security measures by users, already available at that time, could have prevented zoomboming".

Whenever abuses are registered, Fundao recalls that "they must be reported to the competent authorities". The objective is to "identify and punish those who abusively enter meetings to boycott them or to commit crimes of apology for violence or steal private and privileged information". Any question or request for support on the platform can be made through the email [email protected], and security incidents should be reported to the electronic address [email protected]

In addition, "it reinforced the information with the community, so that it adopts the security measures available for protection during the use of the platform", guarantees, at a time when the FCCN has "responded to all requests for clarification, giving continuous instructions how to protect meetings against unwanted participants ".

The registered security flaws have been corrected in different updates of the platform, seven only in the month of April, according to FCT. Fundao also points out that default configurations were changed, in order to fill the identified gaps.