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FBI Explains How Apple Secures Its Projects Secrets

In less than a year, two former Apple employees were arrested after stealing secrets from Project Titan (which includes the development of Apple's speculated autonomous car).

The most recent case, involving Chinese Jizhong Chen, also featured FBI which revealed some of the measures taken by the company to protect the secrets of its developing products.

According to the criminal complaint document (PDF), all employees within Apple's automotive project (about 5,000 of the company's more than 140,000 employees) are required to participate in “personal secret training”.

Such training covers the importance of keeping the nature and details of the project a secret, as well as preventing leaks of intentional or unintentional information, as the Business insider.

Training methods are reviewed to ensure that project information is provided only to individuals disclosed in the project so that family members should not have access to project information and are likely to have consequences for sharing or confirming information. to undisclosed individuals.

O Business insider He also pointed out that Apple uses a specific jargon to refer to those in the project: Disclosed (disclosed). According to former company employees, the Cupertino giant uses this term to denote employees who can obtain information about products under development.

Even if such an employee is part of the project, that does not necessarily mean that he / she will have access to all information. Still according to the report, of the 5,000 people familiar with the project, only 1,200 are “main project staff” and have access to the “where magic happens” building, so to speak.

Apple also takes advantage of an old tactic to keep its projects secret: the famous colleague "X9". In Chen's case, for example, Ma's employee was then reported to Apple's security division by another Apple employee who said he had seen him taking pictures of data on a computer (giving us a bit more information about this very secret). project).

One of the photos was of a diagram related to Apple's standalone hardware. It showed various sensors that Apple used to determine where the car was and how they connected to the actuators, which would really drive the vehicle.

While both Project Titan and the so-called "Apple Car" remain under the curtain, we know that Ma is not only working to limit the number of employees aware of its secrets, but also uses every possible device to ensure they Stay that way soon, taking your iPhone to capture a Mac photo might not be a good idea at Apple.

via 9to5Mac