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FBI accuses Chinese hackers of trying to steal information about treatments for COVID-19

The FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) say that Chinese hackers are trying to steal information about research on COVID-19 by US organizations. The authorities indicate that they have identified several attempts by cybercriminals supported by the Chinese government to obtain data on possible treatments for the disease.

In a statement, the FBI and CISA reveal that in question are also intellectual properties of organizations in the area of ??health, as well as data on the tests carried out. The potential theft of information puts at risk the availability of safe and effective treatments, explain the authorities.

To prevent theft of information, the authorities call on US health research organizations to stay alert and redouble their care in terms of computer security.

At the beginning of May, an investigation by CISA and the National Cyber ??Security Center (NCSC) in the United Kingdom already recognized the existence of groups of international computer species trying to steal information about COVID-19.

The entities indicated that they had identified several cybersecurity incidents that targeted pharmaceutical companies, health research organizations and universities.

Although there was a high level of activity by hackers, NCSC sources revealed that there had still been no information theft. At the time, cybersecurity entities did not indicate the origin of the computer species, however, they believed that they could come from China, Russia or Iran.