Father asks Apple for help to unlock his deceased son's phone [atualizado]

The remnants of the case Apple vs. FBI they still continue to talk, even if indirectly. As we already reported here, the FBI managed to unlock the iPhone of the terrorist couple without Ma's help which made the whole process extremely unnecessary. Whatever the FBI's real intention in bringing the matter to the public, this โ€œjokeโ€ ended up highlighting the possibility of unlocking the devices by the company, something that would have been unthinkable a few months ago.

This time, an Italian father appealed to Tim Cook's emotional on March 21. "Don't deny me my son's memories", wrote the architect Leonardo Fabbretti to the Apple CEO, hoping the company would unlock the iPhone of Dama, his late son.

Father and son embraced

Dama was adopted in Etipia in 2007 and, in 2013, he was diagnosed with bone cancer. Unfortunately, chemotherapies and operations were not enough to preserve the life of the boy, who died at the age of 13 in September 2015.

In the letter, the architect explains: โ€œI cannot give up. After losing my Lady, I will struggle to have the last two months of pictures, thoughts and words that are stuck on his phone. โ€ Fabbretti also expressed his opinion on Ma's security policy: โ€œI think what happened should make you think about the privacy policy adopted by the company. Although I generally agree with your philosophy, I think Apple should offer solutions for exceptional cases like mine. โ€

In an interview with an Italian newspaper (Google Translate), Fabbretti reported that his son wanted him to have access to the phone because his fingerprint was registered on the iPhone 6 gift he gave his son nine months before he died. The big problem that, when restarting, the device requires the numeric password, unknown by the father. There was an attempt to speak with Apple support, but the attendant politely replied that without the code they could not do anything.

Upon learning of the case, Cellebrite, the company that helped the FBI, offered to try to open Dama de Graa's phone. Despite the company's "goodwill", there are doubts if she can even access Dama's iPhone 6, which is much more recent and secure than the San Bernardino terrorist's 5c.

This is certainly a sensitive case, but it seems that there will always be this clash between security and "the greater good".

(via Ars Technica)

Update ยท 04/11/2016 s 09:41

In an interview CNN, Fabbretti said he met with Cellebrite on Thursday (7/4) and on Friday he received good news. According to him, they managed to access some iPhone 6 folders, but are still trying to access the photo, video and conversation files. The company told the father that it is optimistic about the process.

If we were not previously concerned with the security flaw found in San Bernardino's iPhone 5c as an old model of the device, the threat of accessing an iPhone 6 starts to give us chills. We need to keep an eye on Cellebrite and her seemingly innocent willingness to help.

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