MacBook Air

Fast Shop makes good promotion for the penultimate generation MacBook Air (with 256GB) [atualizado]

Are you looking for a MacBook Air? THE Fast shop is with a good promotion!

MacBook Air

There, the penultimate generation of 13-inch MacBooks Air (256GB model) is being sold by R $ 5,999.99 in cash or in 6x of R $ 1,078.03 (totaling R $ 6,468.18). This is the machine launched in 2014; in 2015 Apple changed the generation of the chips, replaced the first Thunderbolt ports with second generation connectors, added PCIe flash storage faster and replaced the 4GB of RAM with 8GB.

Even so, the 2014 machine is very good for many people and, taking into account that the current MBA (256GB) costs R $ 8,009.10 in cash (or R $ 8,899.00 in installments), we are talking about a difference of significant price (25%).

Obviously, even if it is a product of the previous generation, whoever buys it has a one year warranty and Brazilian invoice. The Fast Shop offer is valid until 6am tomorrow (10/11), so enjoy!

Update · Nov 10, 2016 at 16:12

The Fast Shop extended the promotion until 11:49 pm tomorrow, November 11th! ?