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Fast Shop makes good promotion for next-to-last MacBook Air (256GB) [atualizado]

Are you looking for a MacBook Air? THE Fast shop You have a good promotion!

MacBook Air

L, the last generation of 13-inch MacBooks Air (256GB model) is being sold for R $ 5,999.99 6x of R $ 1,078.03 (totaling R $ 6,468.18). It is the machine launched in 2014; In 2015 Apple changed the generation of the chips, changed the first-generation Thunderbolt ports for second-generation connectors, put faster PCIe flash storage, and changed the 4GB of RAM to 8GB.

Still, the 2014 machine is pretty good for a lot of people and, considering that the current MBA (256GB) comes out for $ 8,009.10 (or $ 8,899 over time), we're talking about a significant price difference. (25%).

Obviously, even being a product of the previous generation, anyone who buys has a year warranty and Brazilian invoice. Fast Shop offer is valid until 6am tomorrow (10/11), so enjoy!

Update · 11/10/2016 at 16:12

Fast Shop has extended the promotion until 11:49 pm tomorrow, November 11th! ?