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Farm Tower HD | AndroidPIT

Remove blocks aiming to save a flock of farm animals? Why not? Who has not seen several similar games? Today we decided to review one of them, against the background of the interest to know if he has something differential. So keep reading our review and find out more what Farm Tower HD can do.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2Android version: 4.1.1Root: NoMods: NoRoda from Android: 1.6Size: Approx. 5.25 MB

We started our review with a trick question for you, reader: what was the precursor app to save the farm animals that inspired so many other similarly themed games? The question is equally difficult, but we have a hypothesis: the Tiki Totem. Some might remember playing Tiki Totem on a Zune HD, that catastrophic Microsoft experiment to try to stand up to iPod Touch.

Farm Tower HD comes very close, at least conceptually, to the patriarch of animal saving games. You own an animal that is uncrusted in a block. Levels are built like towers made of blocks and their job is to eliminate those that do not refer to the block that contains the animal. The fact that the animal can not touch any of its paws on the ground. And avoiding such an event is Farm Tower's big challenge, especially since you'll have to deal with physical and related issues regarding the different properties of the blocks in question (some of them are slippery, others almost indestructible).

We are enthusiasts of Android reinterpretations. And the developers of Farm Tower wanted to reach that level. However, we don't think they succeeded in this venture: Farm Tower is certainly a lot of fun, but it doesn't have enough surprising elements to convince us. Some blocks feature interesting textures and the game is not just about individual animals. But we don't think enough.

Conclusion:Farm Tower HD is a great game and there is no question in this regard. Taking into account that we have already been bombarded with super blockbusters for smartphones (GTA, Modern Combat or others), our requirement level for high innovative apps. Although the game does not fulfill this requirement, it is nonetheless very interesting.

Screen & Controls

Farm Tower HD has the highest resolution. We were quite impressed with this aspect. At the same time, there are elements that look more like retro pixel games. The controls are good, but we have to mention a problem with the zoom. It would be interesting to be able to zoom in on the screen and make everything better viewable.

Speed ​​& Stability

Farm Tower HD did not present any performance issues on our Galaxy Note 2. Beware: performance is smooth, because in terms of stability and reliability, we think the game has been a bit disappointing as it has suffered a couple of interruptions on occasions when we wanted to crash. a zoom on the screen.

Price / Performance Ratio

Farm Tower HD is available for download from our App Center and costs nothing. Advertising banners are displayed during the game but are not annoying.

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