Far beyond Facetune: check out tips for beautifying apps

Beautification apps are an important part of a bigger conversation about the role of social networks and the influence that this age of appearances has on us. To what extent does our virtual image reflect who we are? What do we want to pass on to the vast and unforgiving world of the internet? What is real? What fake?

Well, in fact, sometimes we just want to erase a pimple in the middle of the forehead, really. So we have put together some interesting options for beautifying applications, facial adjustment or how you feel most comfortable calling them. Let's take a look?

Facetune app icon

The app that started the whole wave of beautification and turned into a verb be careful not to overdo the dose or your friends will say that you are too "facetunado / a". It may be more expensive than most of the apps on the list, but it makes up for it with a simple interface and a huge range of features, from the most basic (skin cleaning and red-eye correction) to the most advanced (dark circles, lightening of eyes) white hair and even digital makeup).

Facetune2 app icon: Selfie Editor

Despite its name, Facetune 2 is not a more powerful sequel to the original app, as evidenced by its free label. Instead, we have a different business model here, in which a large part of Facetune's resources are available for free and you can purchase the rest through packages sold through in-app purchases (In-App Purchases). Among these paid tools, there are some that do not even exist in the original app, such as lighting editing techniques and real-time adjustments (that is, there is a selfie built-in and you will adjust the parameters live, while taking the photos).

AirBrush - Photo Editor app icon

Unlike Facetune 2, its business model is a subscription that unlocks all features and removes ads from the application. Prices start at R $ 5.50 per month, with progressive discounts depending on the frequency.

Manly app icon - Editor Musculos Corpo

This one is dedicated to the big guys, especially the big guys who want to hide the beer belly and replace it with a defined six pack (of course, we will not enter the merit of judging it). Manly brings a series of adjustments to male bodies and faces, such as muscle growth, silhouette or skin tone adjustment, beard editing and even the addition of tattoos. It free, with internal subscriptions.

FaceApp app icon - Facial Editor with AI

Uses artificial intelligence techniques to correct flaws and make adjustments to your face more effectively or even allow dramatic changes, such as changing your age or gender with a touch. Free, with subscription to unlock all features.

Avatan - Social Photo Editor app icon

Its main differential is the interaction layer, here we have a built-in “mini-social network” where you can share your creations, see those of other users and, with a touch, import their settings for your photos. Free, with subscription to unlock all features.

Photable app icon - Retouch Body Face

It features a clean interface and several features for adjusting face and body, with tools for muscles, beard, smile and more. free and has a monthly subscription to unlock all features, in addition to a In-App Purchase R $ 230 (yes) for permanent unlocking.

Retouch Me app icon: Photo Editor

Its main differential is a team of professional designers, from the flesh, who assist users in editing the images and even do some more specialized services. Works with a credit system, purchased within the app via In-App Purchases.

Selfie Editor app icon: Face Filter

Especially designed for selfies (as the name already says), it brings special adjustments to the face (such as changing skin tone, lighting, smiling, correcting blemishes and imperfections). free, has a subscription system and also unlock specific features.

Adobe Photoshop Fix app icon

Adobe's option was last not because it was bad (quite the opposite), but because it goes beyond the other apps listed here, that is, depending on the task you want to perform, perhaps opening the heavy Photoshop Fix is ​​overkill. That said, the app has powerful features not only for adjusting faces and bodies, but photos in general and completely free, just by signing in with your Adobe account.

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Any more tips in this area? Leave your contributions below and good photos.

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