iOS 9 moves towards the fastest adoption in history, already exceeding 50%

FAQ: frequently asked questions about iOS 9

For just over 24 hours, the iOS 9 has been officially released to all users.

Since then, we have answered many questions from you and we have been looking for information to answer several others. In order to help everyone together, we decided to publish this "FAQ" with several frequently asked questions about Apple's new mobile operating system. If necessary, we will update it with others.

Where's the new News app?

Apple has stepped on the ball in not making that clear in the iOS 9 release notes. The fact that the News app for now only works in English and is only available in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Anyone who wants to can test it by changing the region of the iPhone. For this, go to General Settings Language and Region Region and set the country to one of the three above. You may have to restart the device later for the application to appear on your Home screen.

News vs. Banking (Newsstand)

The News application, which we talked about above, is a novelty from Apple for those who want to follow news on the most varied topics in a similar interface of the famous Flipboard.

It has nothing to do with the Banking app (Newsstand). This one, by the way, no longer exists and has just become a folder, adding its magazines that were previously stored inside the Newsstand. In other words, your publications now work like normal apps, not counting with automatic content update features. Furthermore, it is no longer possible to see the covers of magazines / newspapers as we now have icons to identify these vehicles.

“And Siri” always listening

IOS 9 comes with a new speech recognition assistant for the “E a Siri” command ("Hey Siri"), and this is in fact available to everyone.

But the novelty of this command works even with the iPhone unplugged (or connected to the computer, or to a charging case) exclusive to the new 6s and 6s Plus models.

How to use the new features of the Notes app?

When you open Notes (Notes) on iOS 9, it will present some of the news and ask if you want to update it on iCloud. This is not recommended to do yet, since OS X El Capitan will only be released on September 30th if you do not usually use Notes on OS X, you can update it on iOS without any problems.

As long as you don’t update Notes, items inside iCloud won’t have the app’s new features. To view them, use the back arrow in the upper left corner of Notes and create a new item inside “On My iPhone”.

Don't forget to enable the new iCloud Drive app

One of the new features of iOS 9 comes disabled by default, which is the new iCloud Drive app. For it to appear on your Home Screen, go to ICloud iCloud Drive settings and enable the option “Show on the Home Screen”. What does this app do? It is for you to view the files that are stored in the cloud.

Can I switch back to iOS 8.4.1?

So far yes. To do this, you need to manually download the IPSW file of this iOS version for your device, find all the links in this post and, with the iPad or iPhone / iPod touch connected to your computer, click on the “Restore” button inside iTunes holding the key Option (Mac) or Shift (Windows). A, just select IPSW and wait for installation.

I'm in iOS 9.1 beta, how do I install iOS 9.0?

Who is already testing iOS 9.1 (who comes with new Emojis) has no way to "update" to the final version of iOS 9 because, hnit doesn’t make much sense. If you want to install the current / official version of iOS, you will have to restore your device via iTunes more or less as we explained above, referring to iOS 8.4.1.

In this case, you do not need to download the IPSW manually (although you can do this if you want). By clicking “Restore”, iTunes will download the iOS 9 version specific to your iGadget and install it automatically. If necessary, put your iPhone in DFU mode.

Pay attention to the fact that it will not be possible to use the backup made on iOS 9.1, as it is from a newer version. If this is critical for you, the way to stay in the beta and keep updating as they are new until iOS 9.1 will be officially released to everyone. Apple did not predict this, but it will most likely occur in November with the arrival of the iPad Pro.

And who was already with Golden Master (GM) installed?

The final build of iOS 9 to 13A344, a little bit front of the version Golden Master that was 13A340.

Fortunately, Apple allows everyone at GM to upgrade their devices to the conventional iOS system by going to General Software Update Settings (the so-called OTA update; over-the-air, or over the air) or through iTunes itself (just plug in the USB cable and open iTunes and a window offering the update will appear; if it does not appear, click on the iPhone icon, then on "Summary" and "Search for Update").

Wouldn't iOS 9 take up less space?

He may even occupy less, but not much less. What has really changed is how much space it needs to be installed. Until iOS 8, 4.5GB free was needed; now 1.3GB is enough.

Siri changes in Portuguese

Some readers told us that after the update to iOS 9, their Siri was silent when in Portuguese.

To correct this, go to Settings General Accessibility VoiceOver Speech Standard Dialect and make sure you have the option “Raquel (Enhanced)” checked. You may need to make a small download to activate it.

Oh, and Siri's activation feedback now by the same vibration (and not by sound anymore).

Why don't I see the new multitasking on the iPad?

First of all, it is worth remembering what is compatible with what. The resource Split View s works on iPad Pro, Air 2 and mini 4. Now Slide Over it's the Picture-in-Picture run on iPad Pro, Air, mini 2 or higher.

That said, I need to wait for developers to incorporate feature support into their apps. The good news is that there are already counting compatible with one or more of them.

Where's the wave wallpaper?

We don't know exactly why, but that first standard wallpaper that appeared in the beta versions of iOS 9 disappeared in the final version that came with several new ones. But otherwise, the download link remains active.

Oh, and animated wallpapers are exclusive to the iPhones 6s / 6s Plus.

Where's the Passbook?

Changed its name, now it's called Wallet.

Should I upgrade to iOS 9? Don't get slow?

In our opinion, you should. If it isn't for the new features and changes to the interface, then it's for your security. This Apple support article lists everything that has been fixed in terms of security in iOS 9, and you will see that it is no small feat.

As for doubt about slow, take a look at this post.

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