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Fan creates “functional” Macintosh replica in LEGO using e-ink screen and Raspberry Pi

While playing LEGO with his son, the programmer Jannis Hermanns was taken by great nostalgia and wanted to mount a replica of one of his first computers Original Macintosh.

Well, a Mac made of LEGO is not so new so far. We already set one up. The big news, however, that Hermanns set up one that it works (so to speak)!

He ordered several LEGO parts, an e-ink screen and a Raspberry Pi Zero, which has Wi-Fi, so he could remotely modify the screen. So after several tries and trials, he set up the little LEGO Mac for just over $ 100:

"Macintosh "Macintosh

Liked? You can make yours yourself if you want! Hermanns has documented everything on his website, listing the costs and reporting the step-by-step to set it up. Who is going?

(via The Verge)