Family photo shows all (likely) new iPhones together; parts sales is already in full swing [atualizado: vĂ­deo!]

Family photo shows all (likely) new iPhones together; parts sales is already in full swing [atualizado: vĂ­deo!]

You really thought I wasn't going to say, talk about “IPhone 8” today? For they can take their little horses out of the rain. The future king of Ma's smartphones made another lightning appearance in the real world, and this time, accompanied by his so-called commoner brothers, possibly called “IPhone 7s” and “7s Plus”.

The photo with the prototypes (or dummies) of the three apparatuses a meeting more awaited than that of the Stark brothers was sent by Sonny dickson (which has good sources in Apple's Apple production chain) by 9to5Mac and won the world. Let's look at the situation:

Supposed prototypes / dummies of new iPhones

As you can see, the three devices feature already (basically) confirmed glass backs, which enable the wireless charging feature supposed to be present across the line (and, in addition, still eliminates the need for the awful antenna lines). The so-called “7s” and “7s Plus” appear to be punctual evolutions of the models we have today, with apparently identical camera modules and sizes unchanged; Already the "iPhone 8" has a physical size situated in the middle ground between its relatives and brings the controversial vertical camera system.

An interesting point that none of the three dummies brings the dreaded biometric sensor at the rear. While this is absolutely understandable in the case of the 7s and 7s Plus, considering that certainly the Touch ID will remain on the Home button and it should be intact on the front, the absence of the module on the iPhone 8 leads us to two The ways forward: Either Apple is being able to implement the technology on the device's own screen or, as is increasingly likely, the device will completely degrade the fingerprint capability in favor of a 3D face recognition system.

Below are some more photos shared by Dickson without further news, just to our personal delight:

· • ·

Moving to the more practical side of things, another doubt still hangs in the air, and it has to do with Apple's questionable ability to market an amount of “iPhones 8” available at its launch. Just yesterday we talked about the possibility of Ma being a little behind schedule of the device, it is possible that it arrives in limited quantities and only over the months have its stock situation normalized.

Well the DigiTimes reported that not quite, but consumers may have some difficulty, yes, in putting their hands on the most expensive of new smartphones from Apple.

Most iPhone supply chain component suppliers reported higher sales in July, indicating that production of new iPhones models is gaining traction, according to industry sources.

All three new models of iPhones, including two with LCD and one with OLED, have already gone into high production, the sources said, adding that there will be no shortage for LCD models, but production of OLED devices could be slow. below demand because of the high expectations for the model.

On the subject of suppliers, moreover, it should be noted that Lumentum, a Ma partner specializing in the manufacture of 3D laser sensors, reported an order of more than $ 200 million from an unspecified company which, compared with the manufacturer's only $ 5 million revenue last quarter, shows us that has some suddenly very interested in 3D scanning technologies. Based on those numbers, LoupVentures analyst Gene Munster estimated that Apple will produce about 55 million iPhones with the technology this year and another 160 million over the next year.

Yes, they are optimistic outlooks, but there is no indication at the moment that Ma will have a large stock of “iPhones 8” available at the time of launch. So if you're expecting to get your hands on the notorious gadget later this year, it's good to start warming up for a hard battle!

via iLounge, 9to5Mac

Update 08/09/2017 at 18:30

If you were not satisfied only with the slightly unfocused photos published earlier, fear nothing. O YouTuber Danny Winget already tried to put our hands on the infamous dummies and show everything in detail on a 1440p crystal clear video.

Look at:

In the video, we can have a good comparison of the iPhone 7s with the iPhone 8, as well as taking a long look at the visual details of the likely new devices, such as the polished stainless steel sides (which, in particular, I think are of bad taste).


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