Falling tests of new iPhones show that magic doesn't exist

The sequence of events is clear: first, Apple takes the stage to present the new iPhones. Then, the devices arrive at stores around the world and we rush to get our hands on them. Finally, the cycle closes when a series of fast-moving intrusive users or specialized companies hit the devices on the floor in a variety of ways to test their resistance (when they don't do anything worse, that).

It could not be different with the iPhones XS and XS MaxOf course, and this year we have an extra curiosity, considering that Apple itself boasts of putting in the new devices the ā€œtoughest glassā€ ever seen on smartphones (possibly Gorilla Glass 6, although Ma does not confirm this data). For this reason, we have gathered here some of the videos with the infamous drop tests performed by YouTube channels in the last few days.

The extended warranty company SquareTrade, whose test videos have already become a reference for the professional equipment used, says that the new devices are more resistant than the iPhone X, but obviously they are not magic: if they are the right way (or wrong), especially on hard surfaces, you will to break. We're still talking about glass, after all.

Interestingly, the iPhone XS Max proved to be more resistant than its smaller brother in the drop tests, with less damage accumulated after the tests. The iPhone XS showed defects in the screen after the last fall. For this reason, the largest device achieved a risk score of 70 (100 being completely prone to damage), while the smallest one scored 86. Ah, and both survived a while immersed in a beer tube, as Apple promised.

Tests of EverythingApplePro showed similar results, although we have to consider that, here, the scenarios are more random as the iPhones are dropped by the hands of the YouTuber, there is no way to establish a pattern in the falls and each event is slightly different from the other. Still, the iPhone XS Max survived more accidents than its smaller brother is that Ma is reinforcing the most advantageous device in some way that we don't know about?

Finally, the channel JerryRigEverything made its usual test evaluating the resistance of the new iPhones to scratches, flames and flexes in the structure. As expected, the devices have glasses with the same degree of hardness (that is, they will continue to scratch with impurities in your pocket / bag), but the stainless steel frame has been praised as more resistant than usual. The structure of the smartphones was also well received, with no apparent bending even after considerable force was applied.

In the end, the recommendation that remains the same: as much as the devices may be a little more resistant than before, there is no chance at chance always use a protective cover and / or film or take the maximum care possible when handling your new device for thousands of reais. Not very difficult, is it?

via 9to5Mac