Failling Fred

Falling Fred: Watch your head! | Android

A very addictive Android game called Falling Fred

Have you ever thought to jump me from a parachute just without a parachute?

Extreme sports have no limits and undoubtedly bungee jumping or parachuting are among the most extreme, in Falling Fred for Android basically the same thing as no rope or parachute, after all much more radical free fall!

Failling fred In Falling Fred It is your mission to avoid death as much as possible in a fall that never seems to end, but fall easy, "down all the holy help", but what about when saws appear out of nowhere? All you can try to do is dodge, but be careful not to lose your head because it is not GameOver!

Falling Fred It's one of the most addictive games I've ever played and I'm sure you enjoy it too, it has a premium version with several characters available plus the Free version is great for you to enjoy, with only two characters, Fred and Dr. T. Crash, what one of those test dummies.

Download Falling Fred for Android

You can download Falling Fred for free for your Android from Google Play at the link below: Download Falling Fred Android

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