Some Apple vendors will work during the Chinese New Year to meet demand for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini

Fair Labor Association indicates that working conditions at Foxconn factories have progressed

The Fair Labor Association released a report on Foxconn's progress related to working conditions in its factories. After Apple joined FLA, it put together an improvement plan for several suppliers to the Cupertino giant, which was severely criticized because of working conditions at its suppliers.

iFactory - Foxconn in China

FLA evaluated several critical points in the suppliers, such as the quality of the working environment, bedrooms and other facilities, in addition to interviewing employees about their working conditions, health, financial compensation and security.

In the report released today, the FLA notes that Foxconn has already met 195 goals by the deadline, and another 89 goals before the deadline. The action plan created by the FLA will last 15 months, and must be completed by July 2013 by three Foxconn factories.

Apple's major supplier in China and Brazil has committed to fully respecting the maximum weekly hours allowed by China. Foxconn has already reduced working hours to less than 60 a week, but it still needs to improve, since the maximum allowed in China is 49. For Foxconn, reducing overtime "is a big challenge".

Until mid-2013, Foxconn was also committed to improving work environments, including ergonomic breaks, changes to equipment to prevent repetitive strain injuries, as well as updating its maintenance policies.

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