Failure in the iPad app used by American Airlines pilots delayed several airline flights

Like everything in life, technology has its pros and cons. Pilots and airline companies celebrated when, at last, they saw iPad it is a viable alternative to replace, once and for all, that huge paperwork that formed the mandatory manuals on any aircraft.

Passenger + App (Apple + IBM)

Because, according to the Re / code, a flaw in the iPad application used by pilots at American Airlines delayed more than 20 company flights.

The problem itself has not been revealed, but according to an AA spokesman, pilots have had problems with the app that contains the maps / flight plans. In some cases, pilots were able to resolve everything quickly, during the boarding period itself; some, however, were forced to return the aircraft to the port of embarkation until everything was properly resolved.

We technology enthusiasts always praise when companies take action like this (mass adoption of iPads). But it is undeniable that relying exclusively on a device / app, as in this case, is something of concern.