Factory Reset: How to Restore Android to Factory Defaults

There comes a time when your smartphone is slow, or you just want to pass it on. At this time, knowing how to do a factory reset or an important factory reset. So I decided to do a step-by-step process and show how easy it is to reset the smartphone.

What factory reset

No matter what your device, over time the Android operating system can start to give some problems that are unpredictable. In these cases, a factory reset of your device can resolve many errors.

As the name suggests, the factory restore goes back in time and restores the system settings of your device, leaving it exactly as it was when it left the factory, with no extra applications, contacts, settings or any kind of data. , with the exception of what is standard Android. However, if you have upgraded your operating system to a newer version, do not be afraid, it will not come back.

Dangers of factory reset

As I mentioned above, restoring system settings returns your device to factory defaults, magically disappearing everything you might have on your device, so make a backup before continuing with this process. Here is a surefire article that will help you:

Through a Google, Samsung, or any other account, you can back up your information and restore it after the device has been factory reset. If there is something very important to your device, try backing it up in different locations.

How to reset factory on your Android

In most cases a factory restore can be done from the device settings menu, which is the simplest method to perform the process. The interface design may vary from model to model, especially if the manufacturer decided to put the little fingers on Android Stock and change the face of the platform, but the process is basically the same:

  • Go to Settings; Personal> Back up and reset; Enter your password or PIN if necessary;
  • Click Restore Factory Data> Restore Phone; You may have to enter your PIN again;
  • Click Delete All;

And voil, your device will be restarted as new. You can now add to your Google account, Samsung, etc. the same one you used to back up and recover all data from your phone.

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Resetting the system / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

There is also a way to factory reset and restore your device's system settings even if you are unable to access the settings menu. And not as complicated as it could be, just a few ninja moves with the buttons. Let's go.

note: It may be that your device does not have this process translated into Portuguese, so I will leave both options in the tutorial.

  • Switch off the appliance;
  • Press the volume down button and the power button for a few seconds;
  • In the options screen use the volume down button to find and highlight the Recovery Mode option;
  • Select it with the power button;
  • Wait for the sad Android image, press it and hold the power button. Hold down the button, and at the same time press and release the volume up button;
  • Once again, use the volume down button to navigate. Click Wipe Data / Factory reset. Use the power button to confirm the selection;
  • Use the volume down button to select the YesDelete All User Data option. Click the call button to confirm;
  • Wait a few minutes for the process to complete and choose the Reboot option.

And once again, recover your data with the account you backed up. Unfortunately, the button game mentioned above does not work with some Sony devices. You can try the following button combination:

  • Press the on / off button + volume down button + volume up button at the same time to access the options menu;
  • Use the volume down button to browse the system and find the Recovery mode option.
  • Select this option with the volume up button or the on / off button;
  • From here, follow the instructions in the process above.

For some Sony devices it is necessary to install PC Companion a series of manufacturer tools and applications on a computer and reinstall the software manually on the device. You can find more information at the official Sony support website.

note: Once again, get your feet together, back up all your data. For as my grandmother said, "Then there's no use crying over spilled milk."

Have you done the factory restore on your Android?

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