Coronavirus makes another “drop”: Facebook cancels event Global Marketing Summit 2020

Facebook will pay users to participate in a speech recognition program

Facebook wants to improve its speech recognition technology and wants users of the social network to help with the task. Through a new program called Pronunciations, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg will pay for each audio recording sent.

Pronunciations will be part of Viewpoints, the application for conducting market studies launched by Facebook in November 2019. The app pays users for conducting questionnaires and other tasks that help the company draw conclusions about its products and about the competition .

For now, the program will only be available in the North American territory, and in order to participate, users need to be over 18 and over 75 Facebook friends. Once enrolled in the program, participants will have to record the phrase Hey, Portal accompanied by the first name of one of their contacts on the social network. The user will also have to do the same with the names of ten more friends and repeat everything twice.

The recordings sent are equivalent to 200 points at Viewpoints, however, in order to receive a monetary reward, it is necessary to reach 1,000. Users need to make 5 sets of recordings to be able to receive a 5-dollar prize by PayPal. According to information that The Verge website had access to, the files sent in the sero will be linked to the profile of the authors and the activity in the Viewpoints will not be shared without your permission.

It is recalled that in the aftermath of the Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant investigation for privacy abuse, it was revealed by a Bloomberg investigation that Facebook would be manually reviewing and transcribing users' audio clips to train its user recognition technology. voice.