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Facebook was the most used app in 2012

There are over a million apps that are common Google Play Store and Apple App Store, but only a few are used by users of both Android OS and iOS. According to a comScore study, the Facebook was the most used app in 2012by beating Google Maps.

According to comScore, the Facebook app accounted for 23% of the time spent on mobile apps, while all Google apps together accounted for 10% of the time spent. ComScore data was based on users' browsing behavior as well as data published by publishers. Numbers represent active users and not the number of app downloads.

If Apple had not removed Google Maps from the App Store, it would almost certainly remain in the first position – its absence has caused a major downfall.

According to the graphic, the rise of Facebook towards the end of the year may be related to updating the app, which has become native, dropping the HTML5 language.

As you can see from the chart above, Google dominates the most used apps of the year with Google Maps, followed by Google Play, Google Search, Gmail and YouTube.

What can tell us the absence of games in the list? Social and utility apps are definitely the most used. People tend to complete games and quickly start playing a new game.

Which apps did you use most during 2012? Let us know in the comments below.

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