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Facebook wants to continue using its location on iOS 13, which will bring important changes

I know, privacy is nowhere near the fort of Facebook. But today, with the proximity of the launch of the iOS 13 and with the arrival of Android 10, the company tried to explain the benefits of using user tracking to provide better and more complete service. That's because both systems have news in this increasingly important and prominent area.

According to Facebook, your service gets better when it has access to your location. With this information, Facebook can provide features like check-ins and facilitates event planning.

In addition, the company explained that location improves advertising, and just keep us safe by using features such as locating Wi-Fi networks and others looking for friends nearby both use our precise location even when not We have the application open. 😒

What's New in iOS 13 (Localization)

But why is Facebook so concerned about this? Due to the changes implemented in iOS 13 and Android 10. Focusing on Apple's mobile operating system, its thirteenth version will now send reminders about which apps can / want to access your accurate location information when not in use, plus also tell you how many times each app has accessed your location.

We currently have three options for sharing the precise location with an app: always, only when the app is in use, or never. On iOS 13, we will have a new additional option which allows us to access our location only once.

In practice, users will begin to receive notifications when an app is using its precise background location, also telling you how many times it has accessed that information. The notification also includes a map of the location data an application has received and an explanation of why such an app uses this type of information.

The social network, of course, is concerned. Users who previously had no idea that Facebook and other apps, remember to collect so much location data will be quite surprised or even worried when they come across the new iOS 13 alerts. So Facebook is already trying to explain that “everything that's normal, ”and that we can let the company use and abuse our location to provide better services.

You control who sees your location on Facebook. You can control whether your device shares accurate location information with Facebook via Location Services, a setting on your phone or tablet.

We can still access your location using items like check-ins, events and information about your internet connection.

We will continue to make it easier to control how and when you share your location. We're always coming up with new features to help you explore the world around you, including local alerts to keep you informed of the latest news and the new map on the Events tab to help you find things to do with friends. next

Well, Facebook's message is given but the decision, of course, is yours. 😉

via 9to5Mac